Happy Birthday, University of Bonn!

Happy Birthday, University of Bonn!

Bonn University

Today, I would like to celebrate a birthday that is special to me:  my alma mater, the University of Bonn, is 200 years old.  Compared with some other European universities that may not seem like much, but it is still a memorable feast. Continue reading


Siegfried von Westerburg refound in Bonn Minster

Siegfried von Westerburg refound in
Bonn Minster

The story of a forgotten archbishop

Siegfried von Westerburg, archbishop of Cologne, was buried in 1297 in Bonn Minster, where he seems to have had the unfortunate fate to get forgotten.

Siegfried von Westerburg refound in Bonn Minster

Bonn Minster from the north looking west

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The ‘Brückenmännchen’ in Bonn

The Brückenmännchen in Bonn –

a cheeky little sculpture on a bridge

When we visited Bonn earlier this year, we went for a walk along the Rhine, as you do.  To our surprise, we spotted on the Kennedy Bridge the sculpture of a man rather cheekily sticking his bum out at us, the Brückenmännchen, which translates as “little bridge man”. It turns out that this little sculpture plays an important part of the history of the bridge.

The Brückenmännchen in Bonn

The Brückemnmännchen in Bonn – also a welcome resting place for pigeons

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Bonn’s bridges across the Rhine

Bonn’s bridges across the Rhine –

Connecting Bonn to its eastern neighbours

Bonn is situated on the western side of the river Rhine.  Understandably, a way to cross the river has been important for a long time, both for commercial and military reasons.  On the opposite, the eastern, side of the river is Beuel. Beuel has since 1969 been a suburb of Bonn, incorporating all the area on the right-hand side of the Rhine, which consisted of various parishes.  One example is Oberkassel, where the couple from the Ice Age was found.

There is a legend that Julius Caesar had the first bridge built in 55 BC when fighting the Gauls.  However, archaeologists say that’s all that it is:  a legend. Continue reading

St Martin in Bonn

St Martin in Bonn –

Ernemann Sander tells the story of the saint in reliefs at the Bonn Minster 

This time of the year brings a lot of memories of my childhood.  11 November is St Martin’s Day and that’s a very important date in the area of the Rhineland where I grew up with lots of traditions associated with this day.  The story of St Martin is told in four bronze reliefs by Ernemann Sander, set into a wall next to Bonn Minster. Continue reading