The Greats at the Art Gallery of NSW

The Greats at the Art Gallery of NSW – Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland

At present, the Art Gallery of NSW is showing ‘The Greats‘, an exhibition of masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland.  As the exhibition closes on 14 February, we decided that now was the time to go and see it.  After all,  it is a lot easier to go into Sydney than going all the way to Edinburgh.  The works are from three galleries in the Scottish capital:  The Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Continue reading

History Tuition

The following post I recently wrote for the website of my daughter’s new business, Star Tuition.  I feel passionately about history and hope that as many students as possible have the benefit of a teacher that opens the door to a world full of fascinating stories for them.

History Tuition –

where history comes to life

When it comes to history, most people fall into either of two categories: they either love history or they hate history. Those who love it usually do so because they had a teacher or another person in their life, who made the subject come alive. Unfortunately, those who hate it usually missed out on such an experience. This is where history tuition by Star Tutors will make a difference – they make history come to life.

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Magna Carta Symposium in Sydney

History’s Most Important Document –

Magna Carta Symposium in Sydney

On 12 June 1215, the English king John agreed – not completely voluntarily – to the wishes of the barons and sealed the Charter of Liberties, which later became known as the Magna Carta. The 800th anniversary this year is marked by a wide variety of events in the UK and around the world, at least in those countries influenced by English law.[1]

Here in Sydney, a Magna Carta Symposium was held on 7 May at the State Library under the title ‘History’s Most Important Document’, organised by the History Council of NSW, the Magna Carta Committee of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia and the State Library of NSW. Five eminent speakers talked about the Magna Carta and its importance for Australia. The provision of morning tea and a buffet lunch was unexpected in a free event and greatly appreciated. Continue reading