Death of a Cabman

Book Review: Death of a Cabman

Nina Boyd, Death of a Cabman (2015)

Death of a Cabman is the third in the series of Ethel and Amelia Mysteries, although you don’t need to have read the previous two to be able to follow the story. This is not to say that you won’t be very much rewarded if you do read The Disappearing Typewriter and The Vanishing Boy as well.

The story plays in 1911 in Huddersfield. A cabman is found dead in a livery stable and the police very quickly establish that he wasn’t kicked by a horse, but murdered. The police, Inspector MacDuff and police constable Fred Clough, try to find his killer. There is no lack of suspects. Continue reading

The Book of Hours of Richard III

The Book of Hours of Richard III

When visiting the UK in July 2012, I attended an exhibition at Lambeth Palace Library: ‘Royal Devotion: Monarchy and the Book of Common Prayer’. While the various Books of Common Prayer and their history was interesting enough, the drawcard for me was a book which predates the Reformation (and hence the Book of Common Prayer) – the Book of Hours of Richard III (MS 474). Continue reading

Oldest Surviving Valentine

The Oldest Surviving Valentine

The oldest surviving Valentine was written by Margery Brews to John Paston (III) in February 1477. She addressed him as her “right well-beloved valentine,” and didn’t just send him one, but two letters.[1] She seems to have been very much in love with him, as she continues that she is “not in good health of body nor of heart, nor shall I be till I hear from you.” Continue reading

A new blog

A new blog:  Dottie Tales

A new blog about what interests me – and I hope it will interest you too!

As I am interested in history, there will be lots of historical tales.  But there are also lots of other things I can get excited about.

I hope you will share my enthusiasm.