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This blog is called Dottie Tales because my name is Dorothea.  There are always people who insist on abbreviating my name to Dottie. And maybe my tales are slightly dotty, too!

I was born and grew up in Germany.  The first seven years of my life I spent in Braunschweig, which had a profound influence on me  Before starting school, I spent quite a bit of time with my grandparents.  My grandfather was a born story-teller.  It was in his stories that I was first introduced to many of Braunschweig’s historic buildings. Usually, the main character was a young princess, who experienced all sorts of adventures in these settings.  Sometimes their purpose changed in his representation.  I remember the post-war ruins of a 19th-century villa, which in his imagination were transformed into a medieval castle, with hidden staircases and everything a fairy tale castle needs.  Every day, there was a new installment in his stories with new twists and turns.  I credit Opa with my interest in history as he had the wonderful gift of bringing history alive to a little child.

We then moved to Königswinter near Bonn.  I eventually graduated from Bonn University.

Besides in Germany, I have lived in the Hertfordshire in the UK, and in South Africa, before eventually coming to New South Wales in Australia.

About Dottie Tales

St Martin’s Fountain in Bonn

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in history, so this blog will largely cover historical topics. The emphasis is on the late medieval period and early modern era, with excursions into other eras and topics. Whatever the period, I find that research is a bit like detective work and always fascinating.  I sometimes feel like the boy in the picture above.  He is trying to catch a goose – I am trying to find another piece to the puzzle .

I hope you will find the topics that interest me of interest too and will come back to read more on Dottie Tales.

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All content and photographs on this site are my own unless otherwise stated.  Content and photographs may not be copied or used in any other context without written permission.

One thought on “About Dottie Tales

  1. Hi Dottie, I recently saw a copy of your post about the Eulenspiegel fountain in Braunschweig. My great-grandfather was Bernhard Meyersfeld, and as you mentioned, his descendants have lived in South Africa since leaving Germany in the 1930’s.

    I would love to make contact with you – there can’t be too many people from Braunschweig that ended up in South Africa! Please feel free to make contact using my email below.


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