Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise again –

in herring pies from Norwich

As happens so often, once you notice a topic, it seems to crop up everywhere.  This was the case for me with Grains of Paradise.   I first came across this spice as the special ingredient in the original Alban Buns.  Today I happened to read a post about herring pies made by the City of Norwich for the king and there it was again. Continue reading

Alban Buns

Alban Buns – do hot cross buns

originally come from St Albans?

It is the season of Lent and in a few weeks’ time it will be Easter.  Visit any supermarket and you will find hot cross buns displayed in a prominent position.  Nowadays they belong to Easter like Easter eggs, but where does this tradition actually come from? Continue reading

The Ginger Diaries (2)

The Ginger Diaries (2) – an update

Nearly six long weeks have gone by since planting some ginger roots.  During the first weeks nothing seemed to happen.  I was getting very disappointed and had given up on growing ginger as a complete failure.  At least, as far as trying to grow it from ginger root bought at the supermarket was concerned.  I thought that possibly even the organic ginger had been sprayed with some growth inhibitor, as the experts had warned.  Or that maybe the ginger sold as organic wasn’t organic after all. Continue reading