The Schoolmaster Printer

The Schoolmaster Printer –

the Medieval Printing Press in St Albans

Here endyth this present cronycle of Englonde wyth the frute of tymes, compiled in a booke and also empryted by one somtyme scole mayster of saynt Albons, on whoos soule God have mercy (Wynkin de Worde, 1497)

After the first book printed with movable type had had its debut at the Frankfurt Fair in 1454, Johannes Gutenberg’s invention quickly spread all over Europe.

William Caxton was the first to bring printing to England, when he set up his workshop in Westminster in the mid-1470s (either 1475 or – more probably – 1476).  Two years after Caxton opened his shop in Westminster, another printing press, in Oxford, published its first book (in 1478).  However, given my personal interest, I would like to find out more about the third English printing press – in St Albans. Continue reading

Gutenberg’s Apprentice

Book Review: Gutenberg’s Apprentice

Alix Christie, Gutenberg’s Apprentice. Headline Review, London, 2015 (Pbk)

Gutenberg’s Apprentice tells the story of the creation of the Gutenberg Bible through the eyes of Peter Schöffer (or Schoeffer instead of the Umlaut). Peter was the apprentice of Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden, called Gutenberg. Though the narrative takes place in the 1450’s, there are short chapters in between, where Peter is talking to abbot Trithemius of Sponheim Abbey 30 years after the Bible was printed, between September 1484 and March 1486. With the distance of time and Trithemius’ remarks, they allow Peter (and the reader) to reflect on what had happened. Continue reading

History Tuition

The following post I recently wrote for the website of my daughter’s new business, Star Tuition.  I feel passionately about history and hope that as many students as possible have the benefit of a teacher that opens the door to a world full of fascinating stories for them.

History Tuition –

where history comes to life

When it comes to history, most people fall into either of two categories: they either love history or they hate history. Those who love it usually do so because they had a teacher or another person in their life, who made the subject come alive. Unfortunately, those who hate it usually missed out on such an experience. This is where history tuition by Star Tutors will make a difference – they make history come to life.

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