Trove under threat

Trove – a treasure trove under threat

The definition of Trove in the Oxford Dictionaries reads “a store of valuable or delightful things”.  Trove is therefore the very apt name of an invaluable resource offered by the National Library of Australia about all things Australian.  It is both valuable and delightful. Continue reading


The Rothschild Prayer Book

The Rothschild Prayer Book –

on display in Canberra

Recently I had to attend a meeting in Canberra. I decided that if I have to travel all the way to the Nation’s Capital, I might just as well combine the duty with a bit of pleasure. Don’t get me wrong though, I really do like Canberra!

So on a nice crisp winter morning, I set off for the pleasure part of my trip. My first stop was the National Library of Australia, where at present the Rothschild Prayer Book is on display (22 May to 9 August 2015). [1] Continue reading